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Why I Like The English Language

I truly like the English language. I've been speaking it all my existence, but it can be not until finally I grew to become an English instructor, teaching English as a foreign language, that I really commenced to realize how it capabilities and to appreciate each its richness and its versatility.I feel that, at an elementary levels, English is simpler to learn than some other languages. A beginner can type good basic sentences with out realizing a whole lot of intricate grammatical varieties. English verbs never have many diverse endings to memorize before one can express the simplest of thoughts.Yet another sturdy level is that English does not, as a rule, have masculine and feminine nouns and there are no changing varieties for adjectives to gradual a learner down. For instance, in French you ought to memorize a amount of verb endings and match adjectives to nouns prior to you can verbalize even the easiest suggestions, but a novice does not require to examine English for lengthy prior to becoming ready to build very good basic sentences.English has a blend of vocabulary with Germanic roots and vocabulary with Latin or French roots, allowing speakers of quite a few European languages to acknowledge and comprehend many English phrases. Though sometimes the meanings are no extended the exact same in the two languages, they are typically nevertheless equivalent enough to serve as an support to comprehension and to aid a learner get the gist of texts.When English learners have achieved a far more superior stage, they grow to be uncovered to further structures that expose some unexpected complexities in the language. For example, the employs of the present ideal tense can be quite puzzling. On the other hand, English verb varieties let for a great element of subjectivity and point of view in expressing attitudes towards events. Consider "I've just misplaced my eyeglasses" and "I misplaced my glasses an hour ago." Equally are very good, but your selection of 1 or the other displays your frame of mind towards the predicament. Do you want to emphasize the consequence of shedding your glasses? If so, then decide on the previous, the current ideal tense. If you favor to emphasis on when the eyeglasses had been lost, then use the latter, the earlier easy tense.English can be wonderfully expressive. Simply because it has accrued vocabulary from many distinct languages, there are far much more phrases to pick from than some other languages provide. You can go over a theme at duration with out at any time repeating by yourself or overusing a certain term. You can decide on from an array of words with comparable meanings to find the most best match in that means and connotation to fit the assumed that you want to convey.Certain, you can simply walk down the road, but you can also stroll, march, amble, trot, mosey, shuffle, skip, run, race, promenade, lope, slink, fly, zip, crawl, gallop, whiz, zoom, or careen down the street. A cursory glance reveals that the English segment of my bilingual dictionary is significantly larger than the French part. The enormity of English vocabulary enables for precision and financial system of expression. Tips and guidelines can be concisely mentioned. When viewing multilingual indications and gear use manuals, the English version is often shorter than that of many other languages. To get a easy example, in French it takes four words, "sautez a cloche pied," to convey what English does in just a few letters: "hop."English easily absorbs new words from other languages and cultures. Just believe of "salsa," "smorgasbord," "taboo," "wampum," and "pajamas," for starters. When essential, English also appears to revel in inventing entirely new lexicons of words, this sort of as for new technologies like the Internet. Net is total of colorful and amusing imagery from "the internet" to "spidering" and "click on the mouse," permit by yourself this sort of foolish sounding words as "googling," "running a blog," and"WIKI." It is a riotously "living" language and this flexibility has served English turn into such a widely used international language.I also really like English simply because colourful wordings and vivid imagery abound in each previous and new expressions. I photo tall sailing ships and Errol Flynn movies when I listen to a person say, "She passed her examination with flying hues." Believe of other expressions, too, these as "That helps make my pores and skin crawl," "It sent shivers up and down my spine," "He is acquired his head in the clouds," "She's total of get up and go," and "They are head above heels in adore."English even has a sturdy sense of whimsy, and so lends alone to delightful combinations of alliterative phrasings like "the complete kit and caboodle," or "footloose and fancy-free of charge." It can be also chock entire of amusing phrases that are especially for youngsters. Think of "choo-choo train," "puppy canine," "kitty cat," or "do the hokey pokey." Exciting-loving authors have added to the festivities by feeling no cost to invent their individual words, just for the pleasing sound of them, from Edward Lear's "Dong with the Luminous Nose" to Dr. Seuss's "Sneeches with stars on thars." J. K. Rowling has invented an whole vocabulary of her very own to use in the magical world that she has developed for Harry Potter. The so-known as "language of Shakespeare" has contributed much literature and poetry to the world, as well as other stunning expressions of ideas via the abstraction of words. As someone who writes stories for youngsters, I'm also fond of straightforward jingles and enjoyable kinds these as Mother Goose rhymes.Now that I'm an English teacher, I consider to unlock numerous of the mysteries of the English language for pupils who have other languages as their mother tongues. In performing so, I've taken a considerably closer seem at the language myself, in all of its complexities and inconsistencies, all of its principles and abundanceof exceptions to its personal guidelines, in its enormous vocabulary and subtleties in shades of meanings. Whenever feasible, I consider to give my students the logic powering the grammar, so that they can gain a deeper understanding of the believed procedures at the rear of our several techniques of searching at time, rather than just have pupils randomly memorize rules.To put English into point of view and make allowances for its several idiosyncracies, I attempt to briefly describe the heritage of English and the a lot of historical influences that have impacted it, from a sequence of early invasions of the British Isles, by folks this sort of as the Romans, Saxons, Vikings, and Normans, to later on British Empire creating about the world, and then to America's melting pot of cultures and languages from the earth above. With each and every new group has arrive an infusion of new vocabulary. Some element of comprehension of that historical perspective can explain to college studentseach the richness of expression and vocabulary that English possesses, in addition the maddening inconsistencies in English spelling and pronunciation. I am no authority on other languages and I'm not stating that English is the very best language in the world but, as I've taught English to other folks about the a long time, my own appreciation of it has grown immeasurably and I've really arrive to love it.Ell\nRelated Sites : ell

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