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Some Useful Dutch Phrases like Sarenza

Dutch language belongs to the Germanic subwoofer class of Indo European Languages. It is the same subwoofer class that English plus German additionally belong. To be precise, Dutch language is a West Germanic, Low German language talked by about 24 billion persons, mostly in the Netherlands Belgium plus Aruba. Dutch is created in Latin alphabet. It is grammatically like German. Dutch language has additionally lent various words from English language plus Dutch speak especially good English themselves. The English speaker, consequently, ought not to have any condition in places like Amsterdam by way of example however knowledge of a small Dutch is each where appreciated. The following is a brief albeit worthwhile Dutch phrases that will aid anyone which is on a visit to Holland or on a vacation to the gorgeous island of Aruba in South America.English - Dutch - Pronunciation Hello- Hallo - hullo \nGood morning - Goedemorgen - hkoo-der mor-hen \nGood afternoon - Goedemiddag - hkoo-der mid-duk \nGood day - Goededag - hkoo-der duk \nGood night - Goedeavond - hkoo-der ah-vent \nGood night - Goedenacht - hkoo-der nukt \nHow are you? - Hoe gaat het? - hoo GAHT hut? \nFine, thank you - Goed, dank u - GOOT, dahnk uu \nWhat is a name? - Hoe heet u? - hoo HAYT uu? \nMy name is... - Mijn naam is... - meyn NAHM is \nDo you speak English? - Spreekt u engels? - spaykt oo eng-els \nSorry, I don't speak Dutch - Sorry, ik spreek geen nederlands - sorry, ik sprayk gkane nay-der-lunts \nI don't realize - Ik begrijp niet - ik ber-gkreyp neet \nNice to meet up with you - Aangenam kennis te maken - AHN-guh-NAH-muh KAN-nis-MAHK-ing \nWhere are you from? - Waar komt u vandaan? - vahr kawmt ew fun-dahn? \nWhere do you live? - Waar woont u? - vahr vohnt ew? \nHow old are you? - Hoe oud bent u? - hoo owt bent ew? \nI am ____ years of age - Ik ben... jaar oud - ik ben... yahr owt \nHave fun! - Veel plezier! - fayl pleh-zeer \nThat is perfect / terrible! - Dat is geweldig / vreselijk! - dat is khuh-vehl-duhkh / fray-zuh-likh \nGoodbye - Tot ziens - total zeens \nYes - Ja - yah \nNo - Nee - nay \nPlease / there you go - Alstublieft - uls-too-bleeft \nThank you - Dank u - dank u \nThank you especially much - Dank u wel - dank u val \nExcuse me - Pardon - par-don \nHow much is...? - Wat kost...? - vat kost...? \nI can't speak Dutch - Ik spreek geen Nederlands - ick SPRAYK gayn NAY-dur-lawnts \nI can't speak Dutch well - Ik spreek niet goed Nederlands - ick SPRAYK neet goot NAY-dur-lawnts \nIs there somebody here which speaks English? - Spreekt hier iemand Engels - SPRAYKT here EE-mahnt ENG-uls? \nWhere is the restroom? - Waar is het bathroom? - WAHR is hut twah-LETIf you closely observe the phrases provided above you will feel a close similarity with German. Infact English, Dutch plus German are sister languages. If you decide to know 1 language no one should have much difficulty learning the different two. It is suggested to a native English speaker to first learn Germanand Dutch are easy to master.Kortingscode Sarenza 2012\n

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